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Two additional typing sounds for ZenWriter

If the two typing sounds are enough for you, in this tutorial I'll show you how to add two additional typing sounds to ZenWriter.

In the attached package there are two additional typing sounds for ZenWriter:

Laptop - made by KC_ANATHEME (

Typewriter2 - made by me.

Sounds are in separate subfolders in the zipped folder called "ZenWriter Additional Typing Sounds".

After downloading, you'll need to unzip the file (I recommend downloading and using 7zip if you haven't already) and then insert the file into the Zenwriter program as follows:

1. Go to C:\ or Computer.

2. Go to Program Files (x86)

3. Scroll down to Zenwriter, then open Typing Sounds

4. Paste the Laptop folder and Typewriter2 folder inside. Rename however you like.

And ready. Run ZenWriter and enjoy two new typing sounds.

Note: To add additional sounds to ZenWriter you need to have administrator privileges.

Update - 24.03.2016


Added a new typing sound - Typewriter3
Improved sound keys Typewriter2

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